Leeway updates
Leeway updates

πŸ‘€ Always know the next steps with the smart negotiation dashboard




Hello πŸ‘‹,

When writing and negotiating multiple contracts at once, it can be difficult to get organized and know at a glance what the next step is for each of those negotiations.

We are super happy to roll out our smart negotiation dashboard. At a glance you'll know what's left to do and how to unlock your negotiations.

A document has been approved and needs to be sent back? A new version has been sent back by the counterparty and needs to be reviewed?


Always know what to do. You will never be overwhelmed by your projects again.

πŸ’ͺ Other improvements

  • Negotiation: A counterparty can now send back a document for review, if they don't want to accept it for signature right way.
  • Project: Duplicate any project and start from a document with all the attributes already pre-filled.
  • Amendment: Generate an amendment in on click by starting from the initial contract and making only the necessary changes on the newly created contract.
  • Attribute: The new core attribute "counterparty name" is automatically filled in with the company name indicated when generating the project.

✍️ Insert signature zone right from the project




Hello πŸ‘‹,

Discover the new βž• button that lets you easily insert tables, images, and break pages anywhere from the editor, as well as signature zones…

You did read that right: our native signature is getting more and more flexible.

✍️ Simply start a project by uploading an external document into our editor and then configure all signature zones directly from the project.

Flexible Signature.png

Your negotiated document has been signed outside Leeway? No problem, you can now import the signed document even if you have already a document into our editor.

πŸ‘ Other improvements

  • Reminders: Default reminders include precise wording to let you know if the contract will be terminated or renewed and how you can act on this.

  • Project preview: From anywhere in the interface, get a preview of each project including all the key data (latest activities, summary sheet, tasks…)

  • Approval: When sending a contract, the approval workflow will be skipped if you're the approver.

See you soon 😍

Introducing Community Templates




Hello 😍,

We know that for each of you, building your company's legal templates can be time consuming. So we thought…why not offering ready-made templates for standard legal documents?

Introducing: The Community Templates!

Browse our gallery of ready-to-use templates and get your project started faster. Need a non-disclosure agreement? A partnership agreement? We have everything you need!


Want to share your own templates with the Leeway Community? Contact us!

πŸ‘ Other improvements

  • Project preview: From anywhere in the interface, you will be able to see an overview of each project that includes all these tabs: Summary Sheet, Activities, Tasks, Participants.
  • Summary sheet: The summary sheet display is now more airy to improve readability.
  • Approval: When sending a contract, the approval workflow will be skipped if you're the approver.
  • Emails: The sender name is now yours like "John Doe - Acme" and not anymore "Leeway" in order to improve your experience when sharing document with external parties.
  • Emails: Your company logo is now included in all emails sent to external parties.

See you soon 😍

Sign any document from Leeway with Docusign




Hello there,

Sometimes, you need to sign documents negotiated outside of Leeway or external PDF files. Some other time, you need to sign external additional documents along with your main contract negotiated within Leeway.

Until now, you were obliged to upload the document into Docusign, track the signature on Docusign and, at the end, download the signed document and re-upload it into Leeway.

⚑️ Now it’s much easier:

  • simply upload all of your external documents into Leeway,
  • select the ones to be sent for signature using Docusign,
  • track the signature process from Leeway,
  • benefit from automatic storage of the signed document in the correct folder

Docusign Multi.png

Whether you negotiate on Leeway or not, all of your signature process can now start from one place: Leeway

πŸ‘ Other improvements

  • Reminder: Emails sent for contract termination or renewal have been updated with more details.
  • Editor: From our editor, select any font-size you wish. Time to customize your contracts and templates.
  • Editor: New "+" button to easily insert tables, images, break pages anywhere from the editor.
  • Signature: Hide or display your organization's name above the Leeway signature area. Need to sign for another of your subsidiaries? You can do so.
  • Attributes: Attributes assigned to you are not in blue anymore in the contract. No way will your counterparty negotiate these!
  • Project: Find the private and public activities in the same tab on the project, with a filter on the top right.
  • Files: Upload multiple attached files at once, or drag and drop these.
  • Files: New display below the editor or above the activity to make the attached files more visible.

See you soon 😍

🧐 Better track discussions made during negotiations




Hello πŸ‘‹,

Last week, we launched the "Reply to suggestion" feature, and we've continued working on this negotation aspect of Leeway.

As of now, you can filter through:

✍️ your suggestions or the co-contractor's ones

πŸ’¬ your internal comments or those public

πŸ’ͺ resolved suggestions and comments or those that are still open

Thread Resolved.png

Easily navigating through all the changes and comments added to your contract is a must-have. Let's give this new feature a try.

πŸ‘ Other improvements

  • Assignation: For each project, define or modify the supervisor directly from the summary sheet.
  • Attributes: From a template, define the mandatory attributes to be filled in to generate a project. Even if they are not included in the contract.
  • Attributes: By default, the multi-selection or selection type attributes used in the generation form will be empty, without any pre-filled value.
  • Attributes: Create new attributes directly from the Summary sheet and avoid useless back and forth.

πŸ’¬ Negotiating is not all black and white




Hello πŸ‘‹,

Discussion is critical to a successful contract negotiation, but it can be time consuming. For example, when your counterparty adds a new clause to a contract, you may not want to accept or reject it right away, but rather discuss it or even propose an alternative clause that suits you better.

We are very pleased to unveil the "Reply to suggestion" feature. Simply reply to the other's suggestions or add an explanation to your own suggestion directly from the Leeway editor.


We know that negotiating a contract smoothly requires a flexible tool adapted to your needs. Use Leeway to make it efficient!

πŸ‘ Other improvements

  • Member invitation: Add multiple members to your organization with one click, by copying and pasting a list of email addresses
  • Editor: You can now insert the numbering of sub-articles into your templates and contracts, like this: Article 1, Article 1.1
  • Table of content: The new table of content now includes the article numbering, it is more readable and understandable

See you soon 😍

☘️ New attribute type: the multi-select




Hello β˜€οΈ,

Some of you were wondering if you could dynamically insert in your contract the list of products purchased by your co-contractor. Or if they could display, in a simple way, the list of clauses used in a contract.

It is now possible, and easily: we're launching the multi-select attribute type. Unlike a single select field, you can select as many options as you'd like from a pre-determined list.


This attribute type can be used everywhere, in the Summary Sheet, in your template, in the automations or even in the conditions.

πŸ‘ Other improvements

  • Negotiation: You can now send back a document to your counterparty without resolving their suggestions. Negotiation is more flexible.

See you soon 😍

✍️ Let the counterparty fill in and sign contract




Hello hello πŸ‘‹,

More and more of you are using Leeway's native signature and we are very happy about that.

Until now, you were obliged to send the contract to your counterparty to fill in and send back to you, and only then could you send the document for signature.

This is now a thing of the past! You can now send the document for signature with required fields to be filled in by your co-contractor before he signs it.


No more unnecessary back and forth. Get your documents signed more quickly!

πŸ‘ Other improvements

  • Versioning: Each time you edit an attribute on a shared version, it doesn't create a version anymore
  • Template: New switcher to see your draft template in one click
  • Attributes: You can now preview all attributes created by default on Leeway (start date, end date…)

See you soon 😍

πŸ‘ Shared or private views, you choose!




Hello there πŸ‘‹,

Views are a great way to easily keep track of all your current contracts and negotiations. However, as your team grows, it can quickly get messy. Not all views need to be seen by your entire company or teams.

When creating a new view, you can now define whether it is:

πŸ“£ a public view visible by all your company

πŸ” a private view only visible by you

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ a shared view visible to some specific members or groups

Private Views.png

It's time to build your very own view as well as your team view.

πŸ‘ Other improvements

  • Guest: They can now preview directly attached files without downloading them.
  • Editor: The toolbar takes now less place when you have a small screen
  • Task: If your task is very long, it will now be fully visible and will no longer be cropped.

See you soon 😍

πŸ“„ Synthesize your contract




Hello there πŸ‘‹,

We know how important it is to get all the contract information you need at a glance. The summary sheet is there for that and allows you to synthesize the key data of your contracts.

And, as this may be specific to the type of contract, you can fully customize the display and the order of all the fields by template type.


Really soon, you will also be able to create categories to organize your attributes and data even further.

πŸ‘ Other improvements

  • Version: On the dropdown to switch from one version to another, you now have a button to see all versions and open the full list of versions.

See you soon 😍